Managing Data

Second International CrystalGrid Workshop on Data Management for Crystallography
April 26-28, 2007
Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Workshop Hosts
The Molecular Structure Center
Chemistry Department, Indiana University

John C. Huffman, Indiana University, USA
Michael Hursthouse, University of Southampton, UK

School of Informatics, Indiana University
Pervasive Technology Labs, Indiana University

The workshop will discuss two primary themes of standards for data and metadata, and data stewardship. The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to see how other laboratories are organizing the deluge of data being generated by modern diffractometer systems. With the increased emphasis by funding agencies on cyber-enhanced instrumentation and remote access and collaboration, there are significant opportunities for laboratories to share instrumentation and expertise that were previously unavailable. Agreement on standards will lead to enhanced opportunities for collaborations. An expected outcome of the workshop will be a report enumeratng best practices and recommended standards in data management for diffraction methods. Participants will also identify areas where targeted research would lead to significant improvements in information management in crystallography as input to decsison making at funding agencies and commercial vendors.

The National Science Foundation has provided partial support for this conference, however the ideas and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the NSF.